New Kenworth

Kenworth Trucks are one of the few manufacturers building trucks in Australia. The benefit of building the trucks locally is the trucks are engineered for Australia’s arduous conditions, unlike many other makes that are designed for the freeways of Europe and the USA.

Although the upfront costs to build locally are higher,over the long term the extra durability and reliability of Australian design and manufacturing means a lower Total Cost of Ownership for our customers.

Throughout its history, Kenworth has worked hard to produce quality, durable and innovative products for customers. Kenworth’s success can be traced back to a philosophy established at the beginning in 1923: Build a custom truck and build it to last. Back then, it was said that Kenworth engineers weren’t afraid to “get their boots muddy” as they journeyed into the field with customers to understand the demands put on their vehicles. This was a critical aspect of designing a Kenworth — and remains so. Today, Kenworth continues to listen carefully to customer needs, then builds custom trucks that will meet those needs. That’s why they call them “Australian Made, World’s Best.”

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