Krueger Trailers


Since 1976, the Victorian trailer builder and family-owned company, Krueger Transport Equipment has worked closely with commercial road transport businesses throughout Australia to enhance trailing equipment in the interests of achieving significant performance gains and better safety outcomes for vehicle operators.

Krueger is committed to increasing the profitability and productivity of the transport industry by providing reliable and innovative maximum capacity trailers.

Krueger offers a comprehensive range of semi trailer solutions and the company is widely known for their hands-on approach and customer service, offering customised solutions for a variety of needs.


Krueger Benefits:

QUALITY – Long lasting and built to work hard

VALUE – High resale value

COMPLETE SOLUTION – Can provide everything including servicing, repairs and parts

INNOVATION – Ongoing R&D and improvements

OPTIONS – A range of semi trailer features

LOAD RESTRAINT – Increased productivity and ensured compliance with official regulations

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE – Professional, hands-on and personalised



Curtain siders are ideally suited for the transportation of general palletised freight that requires protection from the elements whilst being engineered to maximise productivity through low tare features and effective load restraint solutions.


Curtain Sider Brochure

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Skeletals are designed to work hard on the waterfronts carting shipping containers and are engineered to provide low tare weight and maximum payload capacity.

Skeletal Brochure

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Krueger offers a quality range of drop decks and flat tops, which are ideal for the transportation of general freight as well as odd, bulky items such as machinery, steel and agricultural products.

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