Its on-road presence is bold. Its aerodynamics are advanced. The DNA is unmistakable this new T610 is every inch a Kenworth. And with up to 600Hp at your disposal, it's ready for whatever task lies ahead.

Inside, the T610 introduces a revolutionary new dimension in driver comfort and ergonomics. More spacious, better equipped and manufactured to the most exacting quality standards in Kenworth's history, its new enhanced cabin delivers the ultimate driver experience.

There's been nothing left on the drawing board when it comes to safety. Available with state of-the-art collision avoidance technology, it can monitor road and traffic conditions constantly to prevent, and protect you from potentially hazardous situations.

The new T610 is also one of the most aerodynamic and fuel efficient production trucks ever to carry the iconic Kenworth badge. It is powered by the Cummins X15 Euro V engine with Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain (ADEPT) technology, a suite of electronic features that interact with Eaton automated manual transmissions, dynamically adapting to operating conditions to enhance fuel economy with no impact on productivity.

Versatility is another T610 hallmark. Offered in either a day cab or 860mm sleeper option, the T610 is suitable for virtually any application, and made to measure for line haul, including maximum payload 26-metre B-Double configurations. The T610SAR with its classic Kenworth styling is as tough as it is durable, and the set forward front axle makes it an ideal workhorse for 19-metre B-Double, and tipper and dog applications.


Designed from the inside out, the new Kenworth cabin is centred completely around the needs of the driver.

Significantly wider and with increased walkthrough space between seats, greater room head-to-toe for the driver, and more standing room in the sleeper cabs, the interior feels more open, more relaxed and is far easier to move around in. There's more storage-all of it positioned for maximum convenience.

Driver comfort is enhanced by an advanced heating and air-conditioning system with automatic climate control. More powerful yet more efficient, it maintains optimum cabin temperature at all times, in all driving conditions, all year round.

The T610 cabin boasts new triple sealed doors and door apertures-an innovation that minimises noise and dust leaks, and whose quality construction you'll feel and hear, each time the doors close.

Behind the wheel you immediately feel in command. The more expansive windscreen offers a panoramic view of the road, while the cabin's superior ergonomics mean switchgear and controls are positioned intuitively, and that dashboard instrumentation is visible at a glance.


For more than 40 years, Kenworth has worked to develop some of the most innovative, durable and productive trucks in the history of Australian road transport.

Tasked with creating the ultimate driver experience, the T610 design team first enlarged the cabin envelope, then moved the entire cabin forward to achieve the optimal BBC lengths needed for maximum payloads in Australia.

The newly designed dashboard and stylish interior trim complete the picture, but as is often the case with Kenworth, what you can't see is just as important.

Like the enhanced cooling package to comfortably handle 600Hp output, or the simplified accessibility to key vehicle systems. The heavy duty firewall for ultimate reliability, or the advanced air flow design that reduces heat penetration to the cab.

You won't see the 100,000 Australian design hours invested in the T610, either. Or the more than 10,000,000 kilometres of testing and validation. But when you experience this new Kenworth in action-year in, year out-you'll certainly appreciate them.

Rest assured-whether you opt for the versatile T610, or the hard yards specialist T610SAR with its set forward front axle, and external air cleaners-you will be the owner of our best truck yet.


IMPORTANT: The vehicles shown in this brochure are for illustrative purposes only and may include some non-standard optional equipment. All weights and measurements should be regarded as approximate only. For full details contact your Kenworth Dealer. In the interests of product improvement, Kenworth reserves the right to change these specifications without prior notice.