Brown & Hurley Join Forces with Castrol Lubricants

The Brown & Hurley Group is a family owned business and is the largest PACCAR dealership groups in Australia. Brown & Hurley have been operating since 1946 and were the first dealership in Australia to sell a Kenworth Truck in 1964. Currently, they have 9 branch locations along the Eastern seaboard of Australia covering northern New South Wales and the whole of Queensland.

The Brown & Hurley Group have shared a great relationship with Castrol Lubricants that has spanned well over 20 years with both businesses invested in the long term future of the trucking industry in Australia.  Castrol and Brown & Hurley are aligned in their view of contributing to the sustainable future of the industry by ensuring the lowest possible impact on the environment.

The transport industry in Australia is predominantly multi-generational and often a business is handed down through the family. Brown & Hurley focus on building long term customer relationships by endeavouring to deliver exceptional customer service and a range of quality products.

With the Castrol VECTON range being certified carbon neutral against the NCOS (National Carbon Offset Standard) in 2016, both organisations saw the opportunity to work together towards a shared goal.  Brown & Hurley provide customers the opportunity to reduce their impact on the environment which ultimately leads to a more sustainable environment for the future generations of the transport industry. Brown & Hurley’s customers are reducing their carbon footprint through the supply chain of their business.

Mr. Peter Weidner – Regional Vice President Castrol Asia & Pacific Lubricants extended the long term relationship with Brown & Hurley by signing a new supplier agreement. The agreement is built on value beyond the sale of lubricants and focuses on Castrol’s approach to sustainable industry growth and the long term future of the environment.

Brown & Hurley Joint Managing Director, Rob Brown explains:

“We have enjoyed a very successful supplier relationship with Castrol over a long period. With this new agreement we feel we now have a positive strategic partnership and we look forward to a bright and long future with Castrol”

Mr Brown went on to say:

“As a family business we strongly believe in providing a sustainable future for generations to come. With Castrol Vecton these values align and we can continue to focus on our customers and providing new ways to secure the future of our customers businesses.”

The addition of Castrol VECTON Carbon Neutral as a key part of Brown & Hurley’s product offering to its customers will deliver value, and help differentiate their business and position as a responsible and sustainable company invested in the future of the Australian transport industry and the environment.

Brown and Hurley are proud dealers for Kenworth and DAF trucks.